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You can stick your bloody England…

March 29, 2011

I did a blog a few days back after it was made clear that Rio Ferdinand had not only lost the captaincy at England, but he had lost it to the very person who had been stripped of it a year earlier.

Needless to say that any United fan with half a brain would be absolutely appalled at how Rio was treated, probably not surprised, but disgusted none the less. It will forever remain a mystery to me how anyone can support United as well as a team whose players include those that for most of the year you despise, but hey, who am I to question national pride. Apparently Fabio Capello rung Steven Gerrard in regards to the captaincy and told him what was going to happen, as well as discussing it with other players, including of course Captain fucking fantastic himself. Only person he didn’t speak to was the actual England captain, Rio Ferdinand. Imagine how Rio must have felt, to not only lose the captaincy, but be treated with such utter disrespect that he seemingly was the only person who wasn’t told before it was all over twitter and the rest of the internet. If you were Rio, would you stay an England player?

Remember when Rio was given an 8 month ban by the FA for forgetting a drug test (a month longer than Adrien Mutu who actually tested positive to having used Cocaine)? This was despite offering to take it within minutes of it having being scheduled to take place and offering to take a hair test to prove he had not touched any drugs. He hadn’t touched drugs, but lost eight months of his career, the FA screwed him, and we stood by him. John Terry was given the captaincy back because he “had been punished for long enough (ask Wayne Bridge if he agrees) and England needed a captain that was consistently in the team”. Of course since that was said Terry has been excused from Tuesday’s friendly against Ghana and England is instead being captained by Gareth Barry (who wasn’t good enough to play in the match that actually mattered). Capello, England and the FA have screwed Rio, and once again, we’re the ones who are sticking by him.

Rio will be 33 later this year, it’s time he realised he should spend the rest of his career concentrating on the team, and the fans, who have stood by him. Like Rio said, “Build you up to knock you down, this is England”. Interpret that how you may want, but it’s quite fitting isn’t it?


Sil, x


One England Captain?

March 23, 2011

Because we all deserve a reason to smile

Doesn’t seem like it’s nearly a year ago that England (shockingly) went out of the World Cup does it, not to mention over a year since John Terry was stripped of the captaincy after sleeping with the mother of his England team mate’s child. An attempted mutiny during the World Cup, a season of mediocre club performances and a few more arguments with the referees he’s so desperate for us all to respect later and John “I turned out a cunt because my parents are criminals” Terry is right back where he started, with the England captaincy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really have no feelings toward England whatsoever, besides perhaps distain and, at times, amusement, it does however bother me just how badly Rio Ferdinand has been treated. Let’s say you’re working as a telemarketer, and your supervisor has an affair with your floor manager’s wife. Your supervisor then gets demoted and you get given his job. Now you’re no saint by any means, you had a tendency of getting into driving related incidences when younger, and there was this one occasion when you forgot to attend a health check, and you ended up being suspended from work because of it (they’re a very health focused company), but in general you’re now staying clear of trouble and doing a pretty good job. Then, a year later, despite not having done anything wrong, except having a couple of sick days, you lose your supervisor position to the man whose position it was to begin with. You follow? It wouldn’t happen, would it? Well, it may, but highly unlikely.

He who can do no wrong

Apparently no one in the England camp has any problems with John Terry being reappointed captain. Rio Ferdinand apparently wished him all the best. So what exactly are they supposed to do? Come out and say just how wrong it is? Suggest that someone who has had a bad season and has a questionable moral standard at the best of times (well what do you expect, the poor sod’s mum is a common shop lifter and his dad sells coke) shouldn’t be England captain and suffer the consequences of being blamed for any unrest for saying what everyone is thinking? When it comes down to it, if it was true, that there was in fact no problems or questions over Terry’s return to the captaincy, every Tom, Dick and Harry related to the England squad wouldn’t need to make a comment to that effect. Well Fabio, here’s hoping he doesn’t let you down, or get it up as the case may be.

Sil, x

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