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Beta site

March 28, 2011

Please visit for a look at the brand new beta site for Football, Sex and Rock’n’Roll. The transfer between the old design and new design should be finalised withing a couple of weeks, so let me know if there’s anything you don’t like about the new design as it’s not the finished product yet.

After the transfer you’ll be able to access the blog via both and

Sil, x


I Love Geeks

July 21, 2010

I’m talking intellectual geeks, who’re not too bad looking, loves video games but doesn’t wish Spock were their father kind of course. Now geeks are my people, I love gaming, I love a bit of Sci Fi (although not Star Trek, I’m sorry, but it’s silly), and I do love my consoles, computers and gadgets, although probably not as much as the more dedicated geeks.

I like the fact that geeks can be shy, inexperienced and nervous around me, although I do not mean palms sweating because you’ve never spoken to a woman before, you’re fourty, and live with your mother. It makes a nice change from the cocky, boring and completely predictable male population of our lovely country (although, I still love you, don’t worry).

Hope you all like my new t-shirt,

Sil, xx

You know you spend too much time thinking about sex when…

May 8, 2010

You have a friend and his girlfriend over for dinner and you spend a majority of the time thinking about whether their sex life is actually as good as they claim it is.

I’m naturally a very nosey person. Most of my friends will know that my first question about their new partner is generally whether or not they’re good in bed. In this instance the answer was yes actually, the girl has a very high sex drive which suits my friend who’s rather similar to me in that he’s pretty… obsessed with sex. Of course he may read this, in which case, please don’t be offended that I’m writing about you and your missus.

So this girl, she’s quite pretty, got a decent body and they seem very compatible. But I found myself sitting there wondering if they actually had as great a sex life as it appears they do or whether they’ve both just come from really shitty sexual relationships so everything seems THAT much better now they’re together. Now my friend, he’s pretty… well endowed so I’m inclined to believe that if they really do have sex that often it must be great sex, as if it wasn’t most girls would probably avoid loads of sex (for all the times us girls go mad talking about how impressive someone’s cock is, most girls are actually terrified of anything much bigger than average). However it did make me think about people who have sex when it’s not really enjoyable.

Now I’ve got this mate Mick, who has had sex with well over 90 women, which to me sounds like quite a lot (perhaps because I can’t imagine ever meeting that many people that I’d be sexually attracted to). So it goes without saying that he’s had quite a few shit shags, mainly drunken one night stands, but some that have gone on for a few months. Now I really don’t get that. Fair enough, if you have a one night stand and she lies there stiffer than your cock and you put it down to bad luck, but if she does that the first time, the second time and the third time, why would you go back for more?

I don’t understand how people can be in sexually unsatisfying relationships. Now I’m not saying that sex is everything in a relationship (in a proper relationship that is, not one of my “relationships” which are entirely based on sex), however if you’re not compatible in bed, more often than not you’re not compatible in life. If you’re not pushing the right buttons with each other, chances are you’re going to end up pissing each other off to the point where someone will slap the other, or in my case probably commit murder, so really you should just cut it short at that point.

I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and so I’m not really in a mode to give any sound advice, except that if you are in an unsatisfying relationship, sexually or otherwise, do yourself and your other half a favour and cut it short. There really are plenty of fish in the sea, and quite frankly I’d rather be lonely and have decent orgasms than be  in bed with someone who needs a GPRS to find my clit.

Sil x

I may have to leave the country

May 6, 2010

I have to admit, writing this I am feeling very concerned that I may have to give up my season ticket at Old Trafford and leave England forever, or at least for five years.

No, there’s no warrant out for my arrest, nor have I got a crazy stalker (at the moment) or am taking my fear of commitment to the next level and leaving the country. It is of course the election I’m talking about, and the possibility of a Conservative government. I am so sorry England, you lovely little island, but if Cameron gets to power, the prospects of five years under the Tories makes me weep on the inside.

There’s nothing inside me that makes me feel connected to the Tories. I’m not posh, hell every other word I say is fuck or cunt,  unless I’m working or in a some other social environment that requires me to behave somewhat politely. I’m not in the top ten percent wealthy people, nor am I a homophobic old codger who thinks divorce is evil and women voting should still be illegal. So the thought of spending the next five years watch Cameron ruin the country I call home is pretty depressive, as in hand me that bottle of vodka so I can drink myself into oblivion depressive.

I understand the frustration felt by the English people, the recession, immigration, educational levels, NHS problems, John  Terry’s inability to keep his cock in his trousers… they’re all valid issues, but there is NO reason for people to want to add to our problems by putting that slimy little git in charge.

So please, please, please PRETTY please don’t let the Tories in, I promise I’ll never ask Santa for anything else ever again.

Sil, x

Why do men call women whores

April 26, 2010

Despite those men having had more sexual partners than the women they claim are sluts?

There’s one thing I have never understood about men, and that’s how they can never deal with women who have a sexual appetite similiar to their own, or have had the same amount or more sexual partners than them. Now I’m not saying all men are like that, I know plenty of men who think that equality for women shouldn’t end in having equal opportunities when it comes to work and rights, but also when it comes to their personal life. However, I do know men who think women sleeping with a long list of men or doing things that they may not approve of means they are whores, and these men are usually the ones who love a feminist or just strong minded women who know what they want.

I don’t get it myself. Considering we live in the 21st century, women should be able to do whatever they please as long as their not hurting someone? Just because we don’t have a cock, that means we don’t have the right to sleep with who we like or have sex where and when we please? I had a conversation with a really good friend of mine a while back about why he thought women who may have done the same as he has in the past were whores, and his arguments were less than convincing. Because women get emotional and they have someone inside them rather being the one inside someone seemed to be the recurring theme, which I didn’t get then, and I still do not get now. Going by the latter argument gay men who have a lot of sexual partners are therefore whores, whilst lesbian women can sleep with hundreds of women yet not be promiscuous, right?

I admit that to a lot of women emotion does tend to be tied in with sex, yet I made the point of asking my friend that as a woman who does not get emotionally attached to sexual partners, does that mean I can sleep with hundreds of men and not be a whore, whatever I do? However apparently I would still be a slut, despite not being emotionally attached, and I am really struggling to understand why and I admit it has rather been nagging me because it just makes me realise just how sexist men still are.

I have not had hundreds of sexual partners, I’m quite picky and have always been very picky, one night stands have never really appealed to me because I like to know who it is I’m in bed with. I have still had above the average of sexual partners in a life time for a women, despite only being in my mid twenties, and I lost my virginity at a very early age, but I don’t think that makes me more slutty than the girl who held out for “the one” and only had sex after turning 21 because she thought she’d met him and she ended up getting her heart broken (tough luck that, but men will be men, and lets face it, they don’t cope well with women who don’t put out, whether they’re in love or not).

So what if I’ve had threesomes, or had sex in a church or on a bus or at a party or whatever, does that mean I’m more of a whore than girls who only does it missionary, in the dark, in their own bed? Thing is, men love the idea of girls like me. They love the girls who’d do the (supposedly) dirty stuff, who’re confident about their sexuality and know what they want, whether that means giving you a blow job in the car or having sex in the toilets at your friends party because you can’t wait to get home (and so what if your fella’s mate wants to join in as well). Most men love the idea of that girl, at least most men I’ve ever known, but then I suppose I may very well attract a certain type of men. However, most men cannot handle that kind of girl. They get jealous because we flirt, or because we talk too much about sex, with other people. I’ve asked most of the men I know how big their cocks are, hell I even look at blokes I pass in the street to see if I can guess how big they are. If you’re going to stare at my tits, it’s only fucking fair. I don’t think I’m particularly “dirty”, I just think I know what I want, and I guess I behave like a bloke a lot of the time, or so I’ve been told, but I just think I’m a modern woman.

I don’t think that there’s no such thing as slutty girls, if you’re sleeping with a new bloke every weekend, you don’t remember any of their names and you’re not using protecting, then you’re a slut, you’re also a complete idiot. But if a bloke does the same, then he is ALSO a whore. You cannot tarnish one sex with a big fat paint brush, then paint a pretty picture with a skinny brush in acrylics with the other. It’s 2010, and if women are supposedly equals, that’ll have to go for everything, and I reckon it’s about time that all blokes got on board with that idea, because pretty soon, if you don’t, the girlies are only going to be going for the boys who’re not going to want to burn them at the stake.

Sil, x

Clegg to fall apart?

April 22, 2010

So being the socially conscious girl that I am (I DO think about things besides sex people, hint read my other blogs too you perverts) of course I had to watch the Electoral debate last week. I have to admit I was pretty impressed with what I saw, especially from the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg. I know I have mentioned him before concluding that “It’s like PE class all over again isn’t it, no one is going to pick the silent geek in the back for their team, hell even his friends tend to struggle to remember who is some of the time.” Well Clegg, last Thursday you proved me wrong and the next time I’m playing football, I will make sure I pick you first.

Now I’m not going to get into a lengthy discussion on policies, promises and politics, mainly because I like to keep my blogs somewhat short. Plus I’d have to talk about Cameron to some extent and mentioning his name alone is enough to make me throw up a little in my mouth.

When watching the debate last Thursday I found it very strange how the colours of the Party Leaders’ ties seemed to be great representatives of how the three men of the moment managed their first live, televised debate. Brown’s pink tie was a pretty good image for the soft man that was portrayed. Despite at one point getting a good dig in against Cameron (which I am all for), Brown came across weak and pale, much like his tie, and his performance became worse as his tie went further and further away from the middle point. Now I realised one shouldn’t judge a politician purely on appearance, but if Brown cannot even keep his tie in the right place (and it was already crooked at the start of the debate) how is he supposed to manage another five years in charge of a country that he has already let down on several occasions? Plus, I’m pretty sure that the way he was going on, Brown himself would not vote for Labour, but instead give his vote to Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, for whom he seemed to develope more and more love.

Cameron. Oh Dave, you really are a twat. Firstly, your performance last week was horrendous. Not only did you fall apart answering questions, your face turning red with the stress you were seemingly under (Brown looked calmer than you, that’s not a good thing), but your baby blue tie, rather than give you youthful charm, enhanced your juvenile behaviour of jumping on everyone else rather than defending your own policies with even an ounce of conviction. And you have yet to stop. I really wish that politicians would realise that perhaps winning an election would be better done by talking about your policies and stick to the promises you make, or at least try to, rather than do nothing but badmouthing your opponents because you have no faith you can win in any other way.

I was very impressed with Nick Clegg last week, his golden tie was a lovely image for him becoming the golden boy after his brilliant performance on last week’s debate. Although I was prepared to say that I would love to vote for Clegg based on the tie alone (I really loved the tie, I’m weird like that), I have to admit I am very curious to see if Clegg keeps up his performance tonight, especially as he will be facing some very tough questions in regards to the latest accusations in regards to Lib Dem party donations going through his bank account. Although I admit that Clegg and his party still lack the national support to have a chance at winning the election, it would if nothing else make the next few weeks exciting if he can build on his performance and put his stamp on the race rather than leaving it to be a two man marathon heading for disaster (also known as a hung parliament).

For the record, Cameron believes that a hung parliament will lead to economic disaster and quite possibly another Vulcano outbreak which will eventually lead to the end of the world. Well if he’s that worried about our future, he could always drop out of the race and save us that way rather than attempting to scare people into voting for him.

Sil, x

What’s your favourite song to have sex to?

April 14, 2010

Or should that be make loveee. Well if your answer is Boyz 2 Men – I’ll Make Love To You, then you’re defintively one of those people who like taking it slow, and kissing your partner slowly as you both climax. Lovely little fairy tale that, BORING.

Now lets talk about the songs that make you want to get down and dirrty, not the Marvin Gaye songs you put on to put you in the mood, but the songs that you hear when you’re in the car and it makes you instinctively grab your boyfriend’s cock and make him pull over.

I’m talking LL Cool J – Doin’ it (not only is the song sexy as hell, but Mr Todd Smith himself is sex on legs), TLC – Red Light Special (no one sings about sex the way TLC did, Left Eye we miss you) or even Another Level – Freak Me (ignore the band, but you listen to those words now). Either one of those songs would make me want to jump on the nearest person I felt an attraction to.

I have to admit though that if I do jump you after hearing LL’s sexy ass voice on the radio, chances are it’s not you I’ll be thinking about as you’re doing me hard from behind, but please just be grateful I don’t scream out his name in ecstasy (I promise, I’ll be trying my hardest not to).

The one thing I don’t get is lighting a few candles and putting on some sexy music when you know you’re about to get down and (maybe not to my extent) dirrty with your other half. Maybe because I don’t particularly like having sex in the bedroom and turning the whole thing into a well scheduled meeting, but prefer the more direct jumping on each other approach where if you’ll be lighting candles it’s only so you can get the feeling of hot wax dripping onto your skin (there is nothing wrong with a bit of pain [nothing at all as it goes]). I understand the sensuality behind it, and I understand why to a lot of people it’s quite sexy and can make the whole experience more enjoyable, but I’d rather just get fucked hard and come harder.

Sil, x

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