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Funny sign of the day PT 5

March 29, 2011

Yeah, I’m just getting down right dirty now.

Would you let them near your computer?

Sil, x


Funny sign of the day PT 4

March 29, 2011

I appreciate the female body, do you?


Sil, x

Funny sign of the day PT 3

March 25, 2011

Too early in the morning for this?

Sil, x

Funny sign of the day PT 2

March 24, 2011

Spring makes me feel childish, although these signs are getting more views than anything else, so I suppose I’m not really alone in this! Can you see the picture?

Sil, x

Funny sign of the day PT 1

March 23, 2011

Because I’m bored and feeling a bit childish, so, do you see what I see?


Sil, x

I’m Not Vain

March 5, 2011

I just really don’t get “fashion”. Of course I’m also one of those people who think that “Vintage Clothing” really does just mean “stuff I found in my nan’s attic that I’m going to rob you blind for”.

So, I can be a pretty bitchy person at time. Now the positive part of it is that I will do it to your face, if I actually know you that is, I don’t go up to random strangers in the street just to tell them I think they look like idiots.

I’m not really a fashionable kind of girl. I wear the clothes I want to wear because I like them, not because Vogue told me too (seriously, have you ever tried reading Vogue if you’re not into fashion? Give me a Russian dictionary for light reading any day), and more times than not I tend to have issues with what people wear for the sake of fashion more so than what they don’t.

For starters there seem to be a worrying trend of people wearing what I can only describe as ankle trainers. Now I don’t have a problem with these trainers per se, more the fact that kids seem to wear them with no laces and without actually having them covering their ankles, but instead trod them down with their heels too show the world their sockless heels. Dude, get a grip, you look like a twat. Unless you’re 25 and doing it. Then you look like a  slightly pathetic twat who is desperately clinging on to adolescence.

Another pet hate of mine are the PVC look leggings. Now, I’m all for individuality, no, really, I am, but surely PVC belongs in the bedroom? Unless you’re dressing up as Cat Woman for Halloween. Although the latter is something most people shouldn’t consider, even if you have got the body for it. Just ask Halle Berry.

Then there are hair extensions. Now I’m not having a go at everyone who wears hair extensions here, if you want to end up with bald spots because extensions are pulling out your natural hair, you bloody well go ahead. What I do not understand is why spend hundreds of pounds on making your hair look naturally long and thick, then tie it up in a hair band and walk around the streets showing everyone the dodgy stitching? Seriously? Not attractive.

Another pet hate of mine is people that think they’re fashionable but in fact they really are just deluded. For instance you buy this really cute top which has a HUGE sticker on it that says wear with leggings (which it appears is the in thing to do with everything these last couple of years), however you decide to ignore the sticker and inside go out wearing just that top and a skimpy thong. Bitch, puh-lease. You may has well wear a sign that says “I give head for lose change. Or a Mars bar.”

Of course there are plenty of other things like men in cardigans, although apparently I’m in the minority when it comes to this and most women love a man who looks like he’s nicked his mum’s jumper. Then that’s the kind of look Danny Dyer sports, and supposedly women like him. Seriously? I’m harder than he is. Or how about jumpsuits? Seriously, nine out of ten women will look unattractive in them, but more importantly, how the hell do you come to the conclusion that wearing one when going out on a night that will involve massive amounts of alcohol and frequent trips to the ladies’ room is going to be a good idea? Of course there’s also the painful trend that is harem trousers. Seriously, even Aladdin swapped his for jeans by now.

Sil, x

Ten reasons why you should get a SexBot

February 10, 2011

1. Excellent chance to show your ex that you were never as concerned about looks as they said you were. SexBots are actually less attractive than blow up dolls. And possibly based on transvestite fantasies on the creator’s side, not that there’s anything wrong with that, just saying that if you’re a straight man, that may not be too attractive.

2. You can’t get a girlfriend/boyfriend.

3. You’re a 40year old virgin.

4. You’re a sex addict who suffers from aphephobia. That would be so fucking harsh.

5. You don’t want someone nagging at you 24/7.

6. You’re highly boring, not very clever, kind of creepy or incapable of having a conversation with another human being… SexBots don’t judge.

7. You’ll never have to worry about being told “I’m on my period”, “I have a headache” or “Don’t you stick that disgusting thing in me, you sex obsessed prick”.

8. She’ll let you pop all the balloons you want.

9. She won’t spit after giving you a blowjob. She may short circuit though.

10. You’ve read the above nine reasons, and think I make a good case and a SexBot really is for you. Join a fucking dating site, we don’t live in some Star Trek alternate universe, you complete and utter freak. (Although if you, as a fetish, just have a thing for robots, go on, good for you, I don’t judge, and don’t really care and have seen weirder. May still want to consider the dating sites though. Seriously.)

Sil, x

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