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Sepp Blatter, please, fuck the hell off

June 29, 2010

Sepp Blatter

There are plenty of pictures of Sepp Blatter around, but lets face it, not one would sum up quite how big a joke he is as the one I’ve picked above.

Just as I was getting over the fact that he cost my beloved Mexico their World Cup dream (I’m telling you, they would have gotten through), he goes and does something else that beggars belief. Mr Blatter, has in fact threatened to ban France from international football. Not because of their disgraceful behaviour. Not because their manager has showed he cannot control his players. Not because the team, players, staff, manager and the bloody towel boy all disgracesd the Beautiful Game. Not because of politics… oh, wait. Exactly because of politics

Some people are probably aware of the fact that FIFA demands football to be regulated completely by a nation’s football association, in this case the FFF, most people who follow football religiously are probably also aware of that in a country like France you would have as much luck separating football from politics as you would have extracting a rain drop from a cloud using tweezers made from a unicorn’s horn. France’s Playboy President, Nicolas Sarkozy, has said that he personally will lead an investigation into what has happened whilst the team was (briefly) in South Africa, and this along with the fact that FFF President Jean-Louis Valentin resigned his position has added fuel to the fire that is the ticking bomb of selective knowledge Sepp “I have no place in football” Blatter.

Now I do agree with the fact that politics has no place in football, it is a sport and it should be regulated by its governing bodies, not politicians. I do however not agree with the way Sepp Blatter picks and chooses when something is right and wrong in football.

Lets go back a few years, not long before the 2006 World Cup, when allegations (which were later proven) of match fixing hit the headlines in Italy. Now FIFA, as they have now, did threaten to ban Italy from international football because of this, although only because Juventus threatened to appeal their punishment to the Italian courts. They had no problem with the fact that a country where fraud and organized crime is as common as their beautiful pieces of art, only gave their teams a slap on the wrists for causing one of the biggest shadows on football in the last hundred years. They ignored the fact that it was quite likely that there was government involvement. They ignored that there were people involved in the match fixing, who were also involved in the national team, and they invited them into the World Cup. A World Cup that the disgraceful nation went on to win no less. I have heard of picking your battles, but Sepp Blatter doesn’t half know how to pick the wrong ones.

France probably should be punished, but for their behaviour, not their politicians getting a bit overexcited because their national team tumbled out of the world cup quicker than an alcoholic necks a bottle of Southern Comfort. It’s time to get to grips with the poor attitude in football, both on a club and country level, and I’m afraid the only way that will happen is when Sepp Blatter himself gets kicked out of FIFA for paying off people to keep him in power.

Sil, x


Technology? No thanks

June 27, 2010

I have issues with England, lets face it, I’m not going to be heartbroken that they’ve gone out of the cup, I am however pissed off that as I’m writing this Mexico are losing 3-0 to Argentina.

Earlier today England went 2-0 down to Germany before Matthew Upson, making up for a less than good defensive performance, scored a goal to make them only a goal behind. Then Frank Lampard scored a goal that was disallowed, despite that a blind man could have seen that it was miles across the line.

I’m not an England fan, not by a long shot, but I do believe that disallowing that goal made England’s chances of going through to the quarter finals of the World Cup slim to none. Of course, England were mainly shit anyhow, but that’s beside the point.

Fast forward a couple of hours and once again the officials are proven to be one of the biggest let downs of this World Cup when Argentina were allowed a goal that was so far offside every single person on the field, in the stadium and watching around the world stared on in disbelief as the referee blew his whistle for a goal. Mexico are loosing 3-0 as we speak, that first goal being the main reason as to why they’re currently tumbling out of the tournament.

Sepp Blatter and FIFA need to start taking responsibility for their part in slowly ruining world football. We live in a world where technology rules the roost, yet they refuse to consider goal-line technology or watching replays before allowing difficult decisions to be made. I bet the referee in the Mexico match would have loved to have that technology be available as he was forced to watch the replay on the big screens and suffer the anger of the Mexicans as he realized what he had done.

The ball in this year’s tournament is a joke. The referees may as well consist of a line-up from the Muppet’s, and Sepp Blatter. I do not hate a lot of people, but that man’s only contribution to World Football has been allegations of fraud along with suggestions of tighter tops and shorter shorts in women’s football.

It’s time to start again FIFA, get rid of the bad seeds and sort it out, or you will only succeed in one thing, and that is distancing football fans everywhere further and further away for the sport.

Sil, x

P.S. Mexico just scored, COME ON, just need two more for extra time.

It’s coming home, it’s coming home… football’s coming home

June 24, 2010

When England played their match against Slovenia yesterday England had to win to get through the group, and thanks to a goal from Jermain Defoe they made it through by the skin of their teeth. Although it wasn’t a hundred percent clear by then who England would face in the knock-out stages, anyone could make an educated guess that it would turn out to be Germany.

Now I’m all for the positivity and disillusion that comes with being a football supporter. It doesn’t matter who you support, you are always in danger of falling into the trap of getting hopeful and thinking that they can do better than they logically are capable of. Being a United fan, I’m obviously spoilt in that department. Considering the history of my club I feel like I do not have the right to be disappointed when we do not win anything, but obviously I always am. England fans however should be used to it by now.

It’s been 44 years since England won the World Cup, 44 years of shattered dreams and blame being passed around quicker than syphilis in a whorehouse. This is me promising you that it will be at least another four years before England win the World Cup again, most likely more. In the meanwhile, and especially if Franz Beckenbauer’s comments are getting to you, you just keep telling yourself that we won the war.

Sil, x

Dust yourself off and try again JT

June 22, 2010

Oh Terry, poor poor John Terry. Not only has his attempt of mutiny bore no fruits, but his manager has basically called him a slimy dickhead (all about reading between the lines), and he has now made a public apology in the shape of an interview with the Daily Mail. Now I could be serious about this, I could analyse, write articulately about the last few days and dissect just what is happening within the England camp, but lets face it there are thousands of serious people out there, and it’d be kind of boring if we were all trying to be the next Patrick Barclay or Martin Samuel, in my case it would also be kind of impossible anatomically.

John Terry should have been dropped from the squad, his antics at Chelsea has shown what a tosser he is. He’s been given free reigns at the club that pays his wages and the heads of anyone who doesn’t bow down to King Terry has been rolling freely, yet Capello thought he could control him. It’s like looking after your friend’s spoilt child for the day and assuming that the dummy won’t be spat out the moment you say “no”, and lets face it, Johnny boy does nothing quite as well as spitting that dummy out.

Wayne Bridge should be in the squad, John Terry should be strung up by his balls and have rotten fruit thrown at his head, the one he doesn’t seem to use that is. I’m not the crusader of monogamy, lets be honest, if it wasn’t for the whole religion bit of it I’d be quite happy living in some kind of crazy Mormon camp, however there has to be limits and John Terry crossed the border into stupid land. So here’s a crazy idea Capello, why not just send Terry home? It may be a belated fuck you to the man Chelsea fans seem to believe is the “only England captain”, but perhaps you could save some face before England go tumbling out tomorrow. Not that I’m saying they can’t go through… But in case they don’t, it may be worth trying to save yourself from complete humiliation. Besides, I’m sure JT wants to get back to London and Stamford Bridge where he could commit genocide and still be seen as the second coming of Christ.

Sil, x

It never rains, it pours in the England camp

June 21, 2010

Whilst David James had a pop at Capello in a rather understated way Friday night, the unhappy “former” captain John Terry did not take a leaf out of the same book when giving a press conference yesterday. Firstly, Terry should not have been doing the press conference, Steven “kisses the badge on his chest before handing in his transfer request” Gerrard should have had the honour. Of course as per usual the Liverpool and supposed England Captain displayed his lack of backbone by not insisting on doing the press conference. Instead we got the man, the legend, the adulterous scum bag that is John “Cries when missing a penalty” Terry.

Now I think Terry said a lot of sensible things in his press conference, he admitted England were not good enough and that there were problems. Sadly his words of wisdom were overshadowed by the blatant attempt at re-enacting the Mutiny on the Bounty, with Terry casting himself as Fletcher Christian. Sadly for him the other sailors decided to jump ship and not join Terry in the revolt he was promising for the team meeting that was scheduled for last night.

Terry is obviously still angry that he lost his captaincy after he slipped over and his cock happened to land in Wayne Bridge’s ex-partner, and it’s simply another thing added to the sinking ship that is England. Of course if rumours are to believed, the worst is yet to come as it has been suggested that John Terry has also impregnated a minor and that this is supposed to break the news in the next few days… Normally I’m not one for buying into rumours, but when it comes to John Terry, nothing would surprise me.

“Chelsea wherever you may be, don’t leave your wife with John Terry… ”

What I’d give to be a fly on the wall for the England match against Slovenia on Wednesday.

Sil, x

Karma est une salope

June 20, 2010

Now I’d like to start by apologising if my French is not grammatically correct, however the gist of the matter should be pretty clear. Karma, is indeed, a bitch. The French team are only in the World Cup at the expense of Ireland who fell victim to a handball even more obvious than the famous Hand Of God episode in 1986, and it appears that their cheating ways are indeed coming back to bite them in their frog leg eating, wine drinking little behinds.

Having drawn 0-0 with Uruguay and then gone on to lose 0-2 to Mexico (both of which just happen to be amongst my favourite teams to watch) it appears that things are anything but fine in the France camp. Not only does their manager show a clear lack of interest in the team he’s supposedly coaching, but the team has been hitting the headlines in the French tabloids, swiftly followed by the rest of the world.

The short story is Domenech is shit, Anelka told him that his mother was a whore, Anelka got sent home, fitness coach Robert Duverne supposedly sold the story to L’Equipe, Patrice Evra had a bust up with Duverne (although this may very well be simply because they refused to train due to Anelka being sent home), the French team refused to train, Jean-Louis Valentin (France team director) has resigned in embarrassment.

Karma really is a bitch. A really fucking funny bitch.

Sil, x

Capello’s England woes

June 20, 2010

Now I think I have made it quite clear that I do not support England in the World Cup, I’d quite like them to go out at the group stages so that Rooney can go home and get rested for the coming season, however I am very amused at the state of affairs within the England camp.

After the abysmal or amusing (depending on who you are) display against Algeria on Friday, Jermaine Defoe and David James were heard in interviews on Radio 5 live. Now whilst Defoe made a point out of saying how great the team is, how many world class players England have and how hard they worked (what had he been smoking, and can someone PLEASE supply me with some of it?), David James was slightly more honest, and by honest I mean slightly controversial.

David James first gave credit to the Algerian side for not wanting to lose so much it made the match a “dire spectacle”, something that he thought had been quite the trend this World Cup. The interviewer went on to tell James that the manager seems to think that England are still playing with too much pressure, to which James simply replied “Does he. Ok.” When she attempted to to ask the England goalkeeper if he agreed with this James once again said nothing except that Algeria worked hard to close England down and not give them any chances and seemed uninterested in creating chances for themselves, his most challenging part of the match having been a Gareth Barry backpass. We go on to hear how James only found out he was playing against Algeria five minutes before he got on the bus, sounding less then happy when explaining that such tactics are the prerogative of the manager. James may not have said anything that sounds too outragious, however his unhappiness adds fuel to claims that the England camp are everything but happy.

The interview in it’s full can be heard here and is about 1/3 into the programme. The beginning is worth a listen too as one of the “educated” callers go onto a rant about how England should sack Capello and put David Beckham in charge. England fans are nothing if not amusing.

Well, look at the bright side guys and girls, it could be worse, you could be French.

Sil, x

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