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What To Get Me For Christmas

November 26, 2010

If you want even a remote chance of getting me into bed.

cod prestige

Black Ops, Prestige Edition (for the 360). I already have the game, I have had it since it came out and have already completed it. Not really my favourite of the Call of Duty series, but hey ho, who would say no to some zombie killing as JFK. Obviously, it’s not really the game itself I’m after, but what comes with the Prestige Edition, that AMAZING jeep. Radio controlled car, with a camera? Fucking hell yes. That would keep me entertained for weeks. Well, at least days. Plus I always did want to find out if my upstairs neighbour really has become a prostitute, or if the bloke living next to her really does kill people and store them under his floor boards. Might be worth throwing some night vision goggles in with that.

Front row standing tickets at a Bruce Springsteen concert. There’s something incredibly sexy about a man who can sing, play the guitar and looks that hot in jeans. Unless I manage to get onto stage and somehow convince the Boss to come home with me, the person taking me would be in for one hell of a night.


Pacific Blue on DVD. Hell if anyone remembers that show, never mind can manage to get it on DVD; I’m already half way into your bed. Also, could always have it running in the background whilst we get down and dirty. A bit soft compared to what I’d usually watch whilst having sex, but what the hell. Who doesn’t love a bit of watching gorgeous people, with guns, running around in tight biking shorts?

An invisibility cloak. Fuck, if you can get me that, I’ll marry you. I may not believe in marriage, but I am a firm believer in sex after marriage. Maybe not with each other though.

To be honest, I’d prefer it if someone got me something extremely cool and original that I never even knew I wanted, be more exiting that way. Spontaneous bonus sex is always more fun than planned missionary position sex. Not that I do the latter. Ever.

Sil, X


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