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When Sexism goes too far

January 29, 2011

I have to admit, I’ve kept quiet on the biggest story in football this last week, the departures of knob head one and two at Sky Sports, for a reason. Once you get into a conversation/argument/discussion/random exchange of words about sexism, it’s difficult to stop. Sexism is a complex topic for so many reasons. What constitutes as sexism, what’s just a joke, where do you draw the line. Every woman I know has at some point experienced some form of sexism, and I for one think it’s time we get together and stand up for ourselves.

Now, everyone who knows me knows that I despise Liverpool. I hate them. Hate. Them. However, I think it’s time I put my hatred aside and spoke up for my fellow woman, Torres, who tonight has tried to leave her job at Liverpool to go to a place where they’re much friendlier towards women. If she wants to travel to greener pastures such as that of Chelsea, where women are appreciated (mainly by John Terry), then I say, let her. Perhaps she is tired of cleaning all the shirts, ironing Gerrard’s underwear, and giving Dalglish his daily massage. Maybe she feels it was unfair that she was forced to cut her hair short so her pretty locks wouldn’t take attention away from Stevie Me. After years of torment, which has included Andy Gray asking her to tuck his shirt in more than once, and Richard Keys informing most of the team that he smashed that (both during the few Liverpool matches ESPN didn’t foolishly buy), you cannot blame her for wanting to start again.

My only hope is that if she gets her wish, she will not end up just another carelessly used player in Abramovic’s harem. I hope she will get the respect she deserves and perhaps show the rest of us, that it can be done, you can get away.

I not, I fear she’s forever doomed to be Jamie Carragher’s bit on the side, and we all know that doesn’t get you the respect of others. More importantly, it will make it impossible for Torres to respect herself, and without self-respect, what do us girls really have. Except boobs and the ability to cook that is.

Sil, x


That’s when they fall in line…

January 17, 2011

For some reason, ever since I heard that Rafael da Silva is getting charged with improper conduct (!!!) for complaining about being sent off unfairly, I have had the Go-Go’s We’ve Got the Beat on my head. Only the one line though.

First off, let me say, that the fact that Rafael, the cool tempered, serious and non emotional player that he is, has committed such a felony, in my opinion, means the electric chair would be too good for him. How DARE he show any kind of passion and disappointment at being sent off for a nothing incident? Does he not know how hard the FA has been working to stifle any kind of passion in the game for the last fifteen years? No taking your shirt off, no kicking the ball away, no running around celebrating a goal, no kissing the badge (actually, that’s just my personal request), no punching the air, no talking to the ref, no disagreeing, no swearing at the opposition. Actually, just don’t do anything. In another fifteen years I’ll be expecting it to be against the rules to kick the ball, after all that bag of air has feelings too (which is much the same as what Dwight Yorke learned about Jordan).

Whenever I have a bad day, I look up the above picture of Rafael, and it cheers me up. Don’t take that away from young players. Yes, they should respect the referee (of course, that may be helped by actually getting some decent referees and taking Mike Dean out back and putting him down Old Yeller style) and they should be taught sportsmanship, but you have to let the kids show some passion. The sport is already overrun by little prima donnas who couldn’t give a toss if they win or lose as long as they get their £1million a month and more escorts than Casanova could satisfy.

Football used to be a much more enjoyable sport when you could give someone a push without them crying like a little girl who’s had their lollypop stolen off them, or you could actually celebrate scoring a goal, saving a penalty or winning a match, the cup-leg or a final at Wembley. The more the FA tries to “fix” the game, the more they’re breaking something that was fine to begin with. Football needs passion. If we wanted to watch a bunch of cold-hearted mercenaries, we would be watching Rambo. Or Manchester City.

Sil, x

Top of the League

January 1, 2011

united, west brom

You know when you look at the league table. You smile and you think, we’re going to do it this year. We are going to win the league, make it 19, knock Liverpool off their fucking perch and break a few legs as they fall. Is winning the league really enough though?

We’re not top of the league because we are having a great season. We’ve had a couple of great matches, some brilliant displays of football, but all in all we’re having a pretty poor season. Poor by United standards, not like going to tumble into Division one (sorry, the Championship) West Ham style poor. The thing is, everyone else seems to be having a poorer season than us. City being top of the league for a split-second alone is evidence that hell is freezing over, the cow jumped over the moon and Susan Boyle did a sing song (and remembered the words).

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a hard fought win, I am not complaining about today’s three points, I am merely saying that I wish we weren’t making things so difficult for ourselves. Or maybe I just miss the days when we were the best team in the world and nobody thought to question it. I mean, now at days, people question it.

I don’t care how we win, as long as we do, although of course I would prefer it if we did it in beautiful football style rather than the Chelsea or Liverpool way (they happen to lose in the same way that they win) of “we are going to play so mind numbingly boring that our fans may actually kill themselves and hence forget that we’re shite”. That’s not too much to ask for is it?

Hopefully the New Year will bring some good performances as well as some more three pointers, although, of course if I had to chose, I’ll take the points. I just don’t want to fucking chose.

United, top of the fucking league.

Sil, x

Don’t kid yourself with resolutions.

January 1, 2011


Tis the time of year when people convince themselves that they are capable of doing things they just can’t be arsed to attempt during the normal course of a year, Happy fucking New Year.

I am of the opinion that very little in life is set in stone. You can within reason change your circumstances if you are willing to work hard for it, you can change who are, what you look like and even your fucking gender if you’d like to. However, just because it’s the first of January that does not mean you’re going to smoke your last cigarette or stop eating a take away every night. You may be able to tell yourself that this is the case, new year, clean slate and all of that, but you’re just kidding yourself. Sorry.

If you haven’t changed in the last twelve months, what makes you think you can now? You haven’t changed because you haven’t wanted to change, that’s the truth. I haven’t quit smoking in the last year, because I didn’t want to quit smoking. I’m not going to quit smoking today, because I don’t want to quit smoking. I’m not going to become a vegan and work out five hours a day so I can look like a skeleton, because I don’t fucking want to. In fact, because it’s the New Year, I reckon I actually want to even less.

I’m all for people improving their lives, wanting to change things to make themselves happier (actually, I don’t give a shit about other people’s happiness, you’re complete strangers, why would I?), but do it because you want to, not because it’s the first of January and that may keep you motivated for two weeks.

If you need it to be the first day of a new year, a new decade even, to change your life in any way, you probably never wanted it that badly in the first place.

Sil, x

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