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Who’s that money grabbing whore?

December 12, 2010


So, I reckon most football fans would have read about the transfer request handed in by Carlos Tevez at Wastelands (sorry, Eastelands). Apparently, and I for one is completely shocked by this, Tevez really is a money grabbing whore.

As it seems, Tevez didn’t leave Manchester United for the blue moon minority in Manchester because of the money, Tevez just though it was closer to home. Apparently someone told him you could jump on the Metro and go straight to Buenos Aires from outside the City stadium, and after 17 months of trying every single line on the tram he has realised that it’s most likely he was merc’d.

Seeing as Manchester City now refuses to pay for him to take a private jet back home twice a week, on top of another hundred grand weekly raise, he could see no other way but to hand in a transfer request. Which in all honesty City should have accepted. I mean surely the prospects of making some money off the ugly bastard rather than having him retire is quite tempting? Sadly Mancini and that scarf of his, which by now inhabits lifeforms of it’s own, has decided that because Fergie managed to deal with Rooney, they together can deal with their own greedy little twat.

There are whispers of course that Tevez may be headed to Madrid or London, however he continues to claim that it is all down to missing his family and that he is preparing a statement to be released where he will show the public his reasons for “needing” to leave and why City has no choice but to release him back into the wild. Boy, I can’t wait.

Guess that’s what happens when you give someone an arm and a leg, and the captaincy, without a fight. Shame Grizzly bears have a declining population, or I reckon Tevez would have been taken out back and shot by now.

Sil, x

P.s having read the statement, it seems oddly familiar in some ways. Aww well, this is how it feels to be citeeeeeeh.


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